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Meet Peter

Peter Marsham was born on 7th December 1974. His mother has sadly never got her figure back.

The number one that day was "You're the First, the Last, My Everything" by Barry White.

Peter grew up in Kingston Upon Hull - the new City of Culture!

As well as being a mobile DJ Peter has worked as a professional radio presenter over the years on numerous stations including Yorkshire Coast Radio in Scarborough, Minster FM in York, Lincs FM in Lincoln and Trax FM in Doncaster.

Peter is married to Megan and they are proud parents to Isla and Isaac.

Peter has a Cockapoo called Ozzy.

In addition to spinning tunes, Peter is also actively involved within his community and travels to various musical events. When he's not providing great music for people, Peter enjoys spending time with his family, and friends at home.

Peter on...

Music: To him there are only 2 kinds of music; good and bad. Duke Ellington said that, and Peter seconds that emotion.

Most famous person he's met: Queen of Hearts, Princess Diana.

Band: The Beatles.

First song he remembers: Most Carpenters' songs as Peter's parents would play them to him when he was a baby to help send him to sleep.
Favourite Song: Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever.